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3729 Cahuenga Blvd. West
North Hollywood, CA 91604
Main phone: (818) 985-2711
Fax: (818) 763-7526
Studio phone (for call-in shows): (818) 985-5735
Email: comments@kpfk.org

Driving Directions to KPFK [back]

Driving North on Route 101, the Hollywood Fwy.
    (heading away from downtown)

  • Take the northbound Lankershim Exit, staying in the left exit lane
  • Turn left onto Lankershim Blvd.
  • Turn left onto Cahuenga Blvd.
KPFK, at 3729 Cahuenga Blvd., is the two story red brick building on the right side, just 4 buildings before the next light. A Panda Express is directly across the street. Turn right into the parking lot just before the KPFK building.

Driving South on Route 101, the Hollywood Fwy.
    (heading toward downtown from the valley)

  • Take the southbound Lankershim Exit, staying in the middle exit lane
  • Turn right onto Cahuenga Blvd from the middle exit lane. Note: The middle exit lane lets you turn into the "fast" lane on Cahuenga in preparation for an immediate left.
KPFK, at 3729 Cahuenga Blvd., is the two story red brick building on the left side, just 4 buildings from the exit ramp. Turn left into the parking lot just past the KPFK building.

Metro Rail and Buslines to KPFK [back]

For specific bus and rail directions from your starting location, please Call 1-800-COMMUTE or go to the MTA's Trip Planner at, http://mtaweb6.mta.net/.
Metro Rail
  • Red Line Universal City Station
Exit the station on the right escalator onto Lankershim Blvd., walk 1/2 block south on Lankershim to Cahuenga Blvd. and turn left. Walk about 1 block to KPFK, at 3729 Cahuenga Blvd., the two story red brick building on the right side, just 4 buildings before the next light. A Panda Express is directly across the street.

Metro Buslines

  • From Cahuenga Blvd. line 156
  • From Lankershim Blvd. lines 166 and 426
  • From Ventura Blvd. lines 240, 150, 152, 156, 96 and 750

Staff & Operations [back]

Coordinator, Keola Kama
  Ext: 213
  Email: volunteer@kpfk.org

Traffic Coordinator, Amy Hiatt
  Ext: 220
  Email: ahiatt@kpfk.org
Programming Coordinator, Esther Manilla
  Ext: 204
  Email: emanilla@kpfk.org

News Department
Interim News Director, Monica Lopez
  Ext: 229
  Email: mlopez@kpfk.org

Prime Time Producer, Morning Show/Producer Training Program Coordinator, Armando Gudiño
  Ext: 218
  Email: agudino@kpfk.org
Co-Producer, Morning Show, Christopher Sprinkle
  Ext: 215
  Email: csprinkle@kpfk.org
Producer, Drive Time, Dan Pavlish
  Ext: 212
  Email: dpavlish@kpfk.org
Producer/Overnight Engineer Roy Tuckman
  Ext: 221
  Email: rtuckman@kpfk.org

On-Air Hosts
Roy Tuckman
  Ext: 221
  Email: rtuckman@kpfk.org
Sonali Kolhatkar
  Email: sonali@kpfk.org

Subscriptions Director, Terry Guy
  Ext: 211
  Email: tguy@kpfk.org
  Ext: 209
  Email: suscriptions@kpfk.org
Subscriptions Assistant
  Ext: 210
Subscriptions Assistant,
  Ext: 208

Chief Engineer, Bob Conger
  Ext: 217
  Email: bconger@kpfk.org

Production Director, Nathan Thompson
  Ext: 223
  Email: nthompson@kpfk.org

Comment Email:comments@kpfk.org
General Manager, Eva Georgia
  Ext: 503
  Email: GM@kpfk.org
Operations Director, Roy Hurst
  Ext: 224
  Email: rhurst@kpfk.org
Business Manager, Terence Chang
  Ext: 206
  Email: tchang@kpfk.org

Front Desk Operator, Steve Weatherwax
  Ext: 200
  Email: sweatherwax@kpfk.org

Programs/ Hosts Contact List [back]

Access Unlimited
Henry Slucki
  Email: hslucki@usc.com
Jolie Mason
  Email: comments@kpfk.org
Sean Obrien
  Email: obrien2002@hotmail.com

Nnamdi Moweta
  Email: afrodicia@earthlink.net

Alternative Radio
David Barsamian
  Email: dbarsamia@hotmail.com

Arts In Review
Julio Martinez
  Email: julima@aol.com

Lisa Garr
  Email: lisa@theawareshow.com

Background Briefing
Ian Masters
  Email: comments@kpfk.org

Beneath The Surface
Jon Wiener
  Email: wiener@uci.edu
Suzi Weissman
  Email: comments@kpfk.org

Book Talk
  Email: FMBooktalk@aol.com

Canto Tropical
Hector Resendez
  Email: hector@westsiderc.org

Canto Sin Fronteras
Tanya Torres
  Email: sinfronteras@juno.com

Car Show
Art Gould
  Email: comments@kpfk.org
John Retsek
  Email: jretsek@kcet.org

City Arts & Lectures
Linda Hunt
  Email: cityarts@infoasis.com

Cosmic Barrio
Derek Rath
  Email: comments@kpfk.org

Community Calendar
  Email: calendar@kpfk.org

Community Voices Project
Cayce Callaway and Austin Bunn
  Email: communityvoicesproject@hotmail.com

Janine Jackson, Steve Rendall and Peter Hart
  Email: fair@fair.org

Daily Review
various hosts
  Email: dpavlish@kpfk.org

Deadline LA
Barbara Osborn
  Email: bosborn@csun.edu

Democracy Now!
Amy Goodman
  Email: mail@democracynow.org

Digital Village
Ric Allen
  Email: ric@digitalvillage.org
Doran Barons
  Email: doran@pacifist.net

Divine Forces
Fidel Rogriguez
  Email: 2012@divineforces.org

Enfoque Latino
Ruben Tapia
  Email: comments@kpfk.org
Doran Barons
  Email: doran@brandx.com

Michio Kaku
  Email: mkaku@aol.com

Feminist Magazine
  Email: feministmagazine@yahoo.com

Folk Scene
Roz and Howard Larman
  Email: folkscene@folkscene.com

For the Record
Samm Brown
  Email: sbrownkpfk@aol.com

Free Forum
Terrence McNally
  Email: temcnally@att.net

Free Speech Radio News
Nell Abram
  Email: fsrn@hotmail.com

Global Village
Betto Arcos (Mondays)
  Email: arcrmz@aol.com
Simeon Pillich (Tuesdays)
  Email: geesimeon@aol.com
Yatrika Shah-Rais (Wednesdays)
  Email: yatrikadevi@yahoo.com
John Schneider (Thursdays)
  Email: johnoschneider@hotmail.com
Sergio Mielishenko (Fridays)
  Email: sergiomiel@earthlink.net

Gospel Classics
Edna Tatum
  Email: comments@kpfk.org

Halfway Down the Stairs
Uncle Ruthie Buell
  Email: uncleruthie@aol.com

Heartfelt Music
John & Deanne Davis
  Email: JohnJDavisAssoc@cs.com

Hot Talk
Saul Landau
  Email: comments@kpfk.org

Chris Allen & Mark Armstrong
  Email: IMRUMAIL@aol.com

In The Mix
Mark McNeil
  Email: frosty@dublab.com
Stan Misraje
  Email: smisraje@kpfk.org

Inner Vision
Michael Benner
  Email: LessStress@aol.com

Inspiration House
Peter Harris
  Email: temadeyana@earthlink.net

KPFK Evening News
  Email: news@kpfk.org

Latino USA
Maria Hinojosa
  Email: lusa@npr.org

The Lawyer's Guild
Jim Lafferty
  Email: comments@kpfk.org

The Liquid Room
David Ponack
  Email: ponak69@yahoo.com

Lunar Tunes
Crystal Ann Lea
  Email: lunartunes@mindspring.com

Middle East in Focus
Don Bustany
  Email: dbustany@att.net

The Morning Show
Sonali Kolhatkar
  Email: sonali@kpfk.org

The Music Never Stops
Barry Smolin
  Email: shmo@well.com

New Dimensions
  Email: ndradio@pacific.net

The Nixon Tapes
Tom Nixon
  Email: tom@the-nixon-tapes.com

Noticiero Pacífica
Carlos Quintanilla
  Email: notipaci@hotmail.com

Preachin' the Blues
Ed Archer
  Email: edthegeezer@aol.com

Radio Nation
Mark Cooper
  Email: mcooper@thenation.org

Reggae Central
Chuck Foster
  Email: cfoster907@yahoo.com

Restless Soul
Kristi Lomax
  Email: rezsoul@earthlink.net

Rhapsody in Black
Bill Gardner
  Email: bigdaddybillg@aol.com

Mark Maxwell
  Email: xwel@aol.com

The Root
Robert Mora
  Email: theroot907@yahoo.com

Shelf Life
Marcos McPeek Villatoro
  Email: mmvillatoro@aol.com

Something's Happening
Roy Tuckman
  Email: rtuckman@kpfk.org

Sound Exchange
Jay Kugleman
  Email: jkugelman@lausd.k12.ca.us

Carlos Nino
  Email: carlos@dublab.com

Spotlight Africa
Assumpta Oturu
  Email: spotlightafrica@earthlink.net

Sunday Salon
Larry Bensky
  Email: sundaysalon@kpfa.org

Travel Tips For Atzlan
Mark Torres
  Email: MaTorres@aol.com

Tuesday Live!
Earl Ofari Hutchinson
  Email: comments@kpfk.org

What's the Word
  Email: comments@kpfk.org

Why Poetry?
Paul Lieber
  Email: comments@kpfk.org

  Email: wings@wings.org

Working L.A.
Henry Walton
  Email: workingla@mail.com

Wildwood Flower
Ben Elder
  Email: weissenben@earthlink.net

Signal & Audience [ back to top ]

Studios located in North Hollywood, CA
Transmitter high atop Mt. Wilson
With 112,000 watts of power
General Manager: Eva Georgia
Weekly audience: approx. 210,900
Current Subscribers: approx. 15,000